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Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Development and Consulting

Consulting customers, institutions and government with blockchain ideas, development, architecture and implementation.

Crypto-Currencies Development

Providing development services for crypto-currencies, wallets, exchanges and cyprto payment systems.

AML / KYC / GDPR Сompliance

GDPR compliance for development of blockchain platforms and implementation of our AI powered KYC/AML platform “All Spark”

Distributed eCommerce Solutions

Providing solutions for various distributed e-commerce platforms over blockchain.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Peer to Peer Crypto Exchanges

At Lightspeed Tech we build the best centralized, decentralised and peer to peer crypto exchanges for businesses that are interested in creating their own trading platform. Our high-quality solutions are all you need to set up a successful exchange.

Coin to Coin Crypto Exchanges

The skilled developers at Lightspeed Tech perform to make crypto exchange creation simple, fun as well as intuitive. The latest technology empowers us to provide a solution tailored for your business goals. If you want to be a part of the digital asset exchange world and want to integrate an exchange platform for your business, Lightspeed has a solution.

Exchange Features.


Third Party APIs Configuration

We can integrate APIs of all digital assets you want listed on your exchange. This will allow the facilitation of transactions over the correct blockchain distribute ledgers.


Buy and Sell Order Book

Our team of developers can program order books that provide information on buy and sell orders for the supported digital currencies on the platform. We provide state of the art floating order books unlike most exchanges only integrating static order books.


Set Up On Your Own Server

We deliver tailor made, custom built exchange solutions to suit your individual business model. None of our products are white label and operate on your own dedicated servers. This ensures you bring to market a product that is unique and secure.


Trade Matching Engine

Our trade matching engine matches up bids and offers to complete trades with the use of one or more algorithms which assign trades between competing bids and offers at the same price.


Customized UI & UX

Every business contains a unique need, and we tend to offer the most flexible and customized UI/UX for each customer.


Integrated Web Crypto Wallet

The exchange software comprises a multi-currency wallet for every currency implemented within your trading platform.

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